Cabinet Installation"We live on the coast on the northern tip of Long Island, New York and were sitting outside the other day looking at our outdoor kitchen and discussing all it had been through when I decided to write this letter.

In 2008 we ordered a complete outdoor kitchen from Werever, having seen your product at a show. We were impressed with the styles, detail and perceived durability of the display. We measured, calculated angles and installed the cabinetry, barbecue, side burner, sink and refrigerators. Our open deck overlooks a pool and the bay.
Our outdoor kitchen is fully exposed to sun, salt water, wind, and both hot and freezing weather 365 days a year – it is uncovered.
Mary loves white cabinets, so we ordered white ones. I imagined myself constantly scrubbing. Here is what has happened to our outdoor kitchen:
  • since 2008 we have experienced low temperatures of 0 degrees, with 30” blizzards and 85 mph winds;
  • as I write this, it is 98 degrees with no wind;
  • Hurricane Sandy, in 2012, reached our house and caused a lot of damage with a 9’ surge over high tide that washed away our dock;
  • each and every year we experience blizzards, Nor’easters and heat waves, seasonally,
    • The solid, seamless GRANITE countertops CRACKED – unheard of!
    • Wood split and warped!
    • The fabric barbecue covers are shredded!
Yet your Werever cabinetry is as new as the day we installed it. No warping, no fading, the drawers always slide in and out without effort. The hardware still sparkles.

Each spring and fall I take a bucket of soapy water and a hose and wash it down – that’s it – maybe a wipe with a paper towel for a spill - and remember, its bright white. The rain washes the dust and salt off naturally.

Your cabinets were one of the best choices we made for our home and we just had to tell you, as we contemplate renovations, that your cabinets are here to stay, outlasting even granite. They are a stable part of our lives!"

Thanks again for this wonderful product.
Allen & Mary 


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